The Power of Passive House

Passive House design delivers greater comfort, energy efficiency & sustainability

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What is Passive House?

Passive House is the highest voluntary energy standard for building today. When implemented correctly, it results in dramatically reduced annual energy costs. This building approach can be applied to residential, commercial, institutional, and multi-purpose buildings.


Reduction in annual heating costs


Passive Houses worldwide


Increase in construction cost


Fresh air indoors

Major Energy Savings

Low operating costs

Achieve an 80–90% reduction in energy costs for heating and cooling with Passive House design versus standard construction. With no need for conventional heating or cooling, household energy demand is significantly reduced.

Healthier Buildings

Better air quality

Passive House design results in increased comfort with optimal humidity levels, efficient ventilation, and consistently low CO2 levels. The result is a healthier building and a more comfortable indoor environment with well-distributed airflow, better air quality, and stable temperatures.

Passive House Design Principles

Thermal bridge free & super-insulated

Passive House buildings have a super-insulated continuous layer of insulation with no thermal bridges (heat transfer highways), much like a warm blanket.

Orientation & solar exposure

Passive House building design uses the free energy from the sun to heat your building in the winter while shading it from this heat in the summer.

Airtight construction

Passive House buildings must achieve very high levels of airtightness to minimize heat loss from air leakage and to protect the building from rot or mold.

Efficient ventilation

Passive House buildings include mechanical ventilation that introduces and circulates fresh air throughout the interior for excellent indoor air quality.

High-quality windows & doors

Passive House certified windows and doors are exceptionally airtight, wind/weather resilient, and well insulated, while allowing solar heat gains (where desired).

Unique Benefits of Passive House


Eco-conscious buildings

With very low ongoing energy consumption and durable construction, Passive House sets the bar for ecologically friendly and sustainable buildings. When you opt for Passive House, you’re choosing to be a steward of sustainability for the planet.



Passive House offers unmatched resilience among construction standards, ensuring that interior conditions remain comfortable even during power outages or fuel shortages thanks to its minimal additional heating requirements.


Unmatched comfort

Experience the ultimate in interior comfort with Passive House design. With uniformly warm surfaces (including windows) and drafts fully eliminated, you can enjoy consistent temperatures throughout every corner of a Passive House home or building.


Tranquil silence

Passive House buildings are renowned for their serene ambiance, which is the result of two key factors: a stipulation that mechanical sound levels (ERV/HRV system) must be below 35 decibels, and unparalleled sound insulation, provided by the inherent airtightness, triple-paned glass, and substantial insulation.

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