Multi-Family Residential

Build energy-efficient apartments and condos for a net zero future

High-Efficiency Residences

Lock in long-term energy cost savings

With Passive House construction, you can reduce energy use for heating and cooling by up to 80–90% for your multi-family building. This can help lower the ongoing operational costs for your building or make individual residential units more attractive to prospective buyers.

Sustainable Condos & Apartments

With a Quantum Passivhaus structural shell building, you can build condos, apartments, and townhouse developments that get ahead of 2030 energy-efficiency mandates.

A Smarter Way to Build

Boost resilience & reduce maintenance costs

Our structural shells built with Passive House principles provide strong protection against mold, damp, and other environmental factors. This makes your building more resilient while reducing the risk of related maintenance problems and associated maintenance costs.

Healthier Living Spaces

Enjoy fresh air & consistent temperatures

Passive House building principles help to provide optimal humidity levels, efficient ventilation, and consistently low CO2 levels. This creates a more comfortable indoor environment within your building with well-distributed airflow and stable temperatures.

How You Benefit


Increased Sustainability

Reduce your building’s carbon footprint

The insulation properties of our prefab panels can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of your building and reduce its environmental impact.


Faster Construction

Accelerate your construction timelines

Building with our prefab panels can significantly reduce the time needed to erect a structural shell for your multi-family residential development. This can provide cost savings while getting new tenants or owners into your building faster.


Alternative Energy Opportunities

Reduce your reliance on diesel & other fuels

With an incredibly high energy efficiency, your building can rely more on renewable energy sources such as solar while reducing or avoiding reliance on diesel and other traditional fuels for home heating and cooling. This can be especially beneficial in remote locations.


Flexible Applications

Build low- and mid-rise residences

Our Passive House construction approach using prefab panels is a versatile solution suitable for both low- and mid-rise multi-family residential buildings, including condos, apartments, and townhouse developments.

What Our Clients Say

Living here is much easier than before, the maintenance of the house is just simpler, we don´t have to worry about heaters, filling the tanks with fuel or radiators.
Eva and Gabriel
At last I have warm feet. Nothing can get me out of this wonderful house again!…
Karin Pankoke
Life in a Passive House has so far, surpassed our expectations
Ralph and Beth Peters
I have enough fresh air even when the windows are kept closed.
Uschi L

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