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Where does Quantum Passivhaus operate?
We serve clients across both Canada and the United States from our headquarters in Minden, Ontario, Canada.
Do Quantum Passivhaus prefab panels have Passive House certification?
Yes, our prefab panels are all certified by the Passive House Institute (PHI). The PHI certification process assures that our panelized system and adjoining systems will operate with energy efficiency that meets the IPHI requirements. In addition, all of our panels undergo an engineering inspection and a 55-point quality control inspection.
Is Passive House construction more expensive than conventional construction?
For single-family homes, our Passive House design and construction process typically results in approximately 10% higher construction cost compared with conventional building. While this can increase the initial investment in the home, homeowners benefit over the long term from the many advantages of their Passive House home – including an 80–90% reduction in energy use for heating and cooling.
Are Quantum Passivhaus panels suitable for retrofit projects?
Yes, our prefab Passive House–certified panels are well suited for retrofitting a wide range of buildings, including single-family homes, multi-family residential blocks, and commercial & mixed-use buildings. Retrofitting with our prefab panels can help achieve shorter retrofit timelines with predictable budgets. Over the long term, retrofitting with our panels can also result in lower energy, operational, and maintenance costs for the retrofitted building.

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