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Experts in energy-efficient building design and prefab panels

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We are dedicated to accelerating the North American construction sector’s transition to net-zero building standards with energy-efficient design and build solutions.


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Our story

Since 2017, our team of design, engineering, and construction experts has been using building science practices to meet the growing demand for comfortable, cost-efficient, and ecologically smart buildings. While the roots of Quantum Passivhaus lie in the design and construction of high-efficiency custom homes, today we provide a range of prefab building solutions for commercial, residential, and mixed-use new builds and retrofits. We are based in Minden, Ontario, and serve customers across North America.

Passive House Expertise

Training industry professionals

To maximize the impact of our energy-efficient building expertise, we provide hands-on training to skilled trade professionals. We are committed to sharing the best building science and our years of experience to help develop and support high-performance prefab construction capabilities within the building and retrofit sector.

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Our core team

Abby Xerrilinkdin
President and Founding Principal
Angie Horner-Xerrilinkdin
Founding Principal, Passive House Planner
Paul Caldwell
Finance Manager
Josh Kuehnilinkdin
Site Foreman
Blair Cunningham
Sales & Project Development
Sara Bradley
Structural Engineer
Mike Xerrilinkdin
Shop Manager

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