Single-Family Homes

Build your energy-efficient forever home

High-Efficiency Homes

Enjoy significant energy cost savings

A home designed and built in line with Passive House principles can help you reduce your energy use for home heating and cooling by 80–90%. This can provide you with significant energy cost savings on an ongoing basis, taking pressure off of your family’s budget while freeing up resources for other uses.

Ideal Family Homes

Our Quantum Passivhaus homes can meet your cost saving, comfort, and sustainability goals while aligning with your family’s needs and lifestyle.

Greater Comfort At Home

Enjoy fresh air & consistent temperatures

Passive House building principles help to provide optimal humidity levels, efficient ventilation, and consistently low CO2 levels. The result is an incredibly comfortable indoor environment with well-distributed airflow and stable temperatures.

Sustainable Living

Reduce your environmental footprint

Our ecologically smart homes are built with the highest voluntary energy standard for construction, putting your family on track for a net zero future while getting ahead of 2030 energy efficiency mandates. With lower energy requirements, our homes can help you greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

What you can expect

Step 1: Requirements Call

We have a call with you to understand your preferences and requirements for your ideal single-family home.

Step 2: Project Survey & Assessment

We conduct a preliminary project survey review, project assessment, and site evaluation aligned with your project expectations.

Step 3: Design & Construction Assessment and Milestones

We provide a draft Design & Construction Assessment & Milestones document with project details for your review and feedback.

Step 4: Revised Design & Construction Assessment and Milestones

We provide an updated Design & Construction Assessment & Milestones document incorporating your feedback. We’re now ready to kick-start your project!

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Design Your Dream Home

Translate your vision into a custom passive house

Do you have a clear vision of a comfortable and energy-efficient home customized to your unique needs? We can help! Our team has years of experience building high-efficiency custom homes based on Passive House principles. Contact us to discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help.

What Our Clients Say

Living here is much easier than before, the maintenance of the house is just simpler, we don´t have to worry about heaters, filling the tanks with fuel or radiators.
Eva and Gabriel
At last I have warm feet. Nothing can get me out of this wonderful house again!…
Karin Pankoke
Life in a Passive House has so far, surpassed our expectations
Ralph and Beth Peters
I have enough fresh air even when the windows are kept closed.
Uschi L

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