Building Retrofits

Boost the value, comfort & lifespan of your existing buildings

Passive House Retrofitting

Boost your retrofit ROI

Applying a Passive House approach can boost the ROI of your retrofit project by significantly increasing the energy efficiency of your existing building. In addition to protecting the value of your building, this can also help reduce ongoing energy, operational, and maintenance costs while proactively preparing for stricter 2030 and 2050 energy efficiency mandates.

A Smarter Way to Retrofit

With our prefab panels, you can boost the energy efficiency of your building with a budget friendly and time efficient approach to retrofitting.

Cost-Effective Solution

Achieve short- and long-term savings

Retrofitting with Quantum Passivhaus prefab panels can help you save in the short term with shorter construction timelines and predictable budgets while also saving over the long term with lower energy, operational, and maintenance costs.

Business As Usual

Minimize disruption for occupants

Applying Quantum Passivhaus prefab panels to the exterior of your building is a less disruptive approach to retrofitting. Your existing tenants can continue to live or work in the building throughout the project, resulting in less upheaval for them while avoiding unnecessary loss of rental income.

How You Benefit


Less Maintenance

Minimize future maintenance issues

Retrofitting with our prefab panels can better protect your building against mold, damp, and other environmental factors that can lead to maintenance problems.


Greater Comfort

Enhance your interior environment

Upgrading your building envelope with our Passive House–certified panels can improve interior air quality and minimize temperature fluctuations, creating a more comfortable environment for your occupants.


Flexible Applications

Retrofit low and mid-rise buildings

Our prefab panels offer you a versatile retrofit solution suitable for a wide range of low and mid-rise buildings, including multi-unit residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.


Increased Sustainability

Reduce your building’s carbon footprint

The insulation properties of our prefab panels can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of your building and reduce its environmental impact.

What Our Clients Say

Living here is much easier than before, the maintenance of the house is just simpler, we don´t have to worry about heaters, filling the tanks with fuel or radiators.
Eva and Gabriel
At last I have warm feet. Nothing can get me out of this wonderful house again!…
Karin Pankoke
Life in a Passive House has so far, surpassed our expectations
Ralph and Beth Peters
In this past year, with HST we have paid a total of $1872.63 for all of our electrical needs including our heating, hot water, and domestic electrical needs. For our 1950 sq ft home and our family of 6, I think we have done fairly well.
Ruth and Beth Peters, April 2016
I have enough fresh air even when the windows are kept closed.
Uschi L

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